• Waterproofing
  • Foundation Repair
  • Egress & Window Wells
  • ​Storm Water Mitigation

Actions speak louder than words of course.  Our small, family owned and operated company has received 17 Angi (Angie's List) Super Service Awards! This huge accomplishment is without spending a dime on advertising through them, it's solely from exceptional service, and from the overwhelming support and gratitude our clients have given us. A testament to our claim that we treat you like family.  

Your biggest and greatest investments are your family, their health, and the home you live in.  Water entering your home via any means can compromise these priorities in a variety of ways.  

Mold grows with very little moisture needed.  Mold can cause a variety of health problems and effect us all in different ways.  Some health problems that mold causes may be even fatal to some people.  Mold also can be very costly to remove and to replace affected areas in some cases.  Most of the time homeowners are stuck paying out of pocket for mold damage and abatement as most insurance plans exclude mold removal and any damage it may cause.

Water not only promotes mold growth, but it also destroys your property over time.  When you have a foundation crack that allows water to pass through it, over time with the passage of water and the freeze and thaw cycles of our area, more substantial damage will be done to your foundation, basement, and home.  Like any thing else in life it is better to be proactive then to wait for the issue to become a bigger problem.  Most foundation waterproofing can be done simply by properly extending gutter downspouts, properly grading your landscape, and by keeping you gutters clear of debris.   If you already have a compromised foundation or basement, there is no such thing as getting it fixed too soon.  Costs can reach the thousands of dollars if not repaired properly.


 Our Specialty...

Is turning your wet basement or wet crawlspace into a dry, usable, safe place for your family and your home.  We take great pride in doing what we do in every aspect.  Be it customer service, referrals, installation, or just by helping our customers become well informed, we seek to provide peace of mind and zero hassle.

Our Foundation...

What We Do... 

Is protect your home from the outside weather. Be it water, external pressure, or the temperature, we can solve the problem. We remedy external water issues through external and internal drain tile systems, tuckpointing, and an array of other means. We provide stability to your foundation through Carbon Fiber applications, and seal foundation cracks with a variety of injections and materials that best suit the problem.  We also install insulation in attics and crawl spaces per federal recommendations, a service that pays for it's self in your energy bills.

Is built on Family Tradition and rooted in 3 generations of construction, concrete, and in treating others as we would want to be treated.  Our own unique take on what we do is inspired by that which has been instilled in us since childhood.  Coupled with "real life" experience and dedication, our customers can have the job done with confidence.

E.S. Leonard Contracting strives to provide peace of mind, above all else, to our customers. No fast talking salesman here, just down home professionals that take pride in doing things right.